Learn to Run and meet new friends 

Trial some light walk/jog sessions in preparation for our next Couch to 5k 

Submit the form to register your interest.

Submit your interest

After submitting the form you'll be invited to speak with a coach to figure out the best group to get started with. 

Experience Some Gentle Walk/Jog Sessions as part of our new Beginners intake

You're welcome to try up to three runs with us to decide whether our club is right for you. 

Beginner sessions are just 25-30 minutes after warm up and jog periods are just 60 seconds alternating with a 2-minute or 1 minute 30 second walk. 

Our slower group will jog at the same speed they walk to ensure the 60 seconds is achievable for all. 

Not so scary right?

Covid Safe

We keep group sizes small and everything is outside so any risks are low. 

Friendly Group Leaders

Our leaders will keep the group at a comfortable pace and ensure everyone is looked after. 

3 session trial

Our educational beginners trial will teach you how to make running more enjoyable.  

Why Beginner Groups?

Thousands fail the traditional Couch to 5k plan each year because it's simply not suitable for the modern day "Couch Potato". 

Many of our members have started with our tailored Couch to 5k plan and go on to run 10k, half marathon and even marathon events. 

When and Where


Tuesday and Thursday evenings from venues in Pittville and Battledown.  

Sunday mornings we meet at the Pump Room in Pittville Park.

Attendance is strictly limited to those who book so we can't spill all the beans. 

Join the CRWC Family

Cheltenham Running and Walking Club is not a traditional Athletics Club.

Many of our members prefer to exercise with the friends they've made than alone so joining a club makes perfect sense. 

Most have been through our Couch to 5k plan so are very supportive of new members. 

What They Said...

Here are a few clips from video interviews we've done with successful participants. Find full length interviews on our blog...

Register your interest and on the next page you'll be invited to book a call so we can get you running with the best group for your ability.