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If you've been running alone, you know the challenges.

Stalled Progress

Lack of progression can be frustrating – especially if you don’t know the cause. 


The same old routes and lack of social connection can make your runs tougher.


Constant niggles and pain can stop you from doing the runs you love.

How Our Runs Can Help

Stay Accountable to Friends

Getting your club runs in the calendar boosts your chances of getting out of the house and benefitting from regular training. 

You’ll be part of a group that runs at the same speed and motivates each other to take on challenges set by your coach.

Increase Motivation

Your motivation to get out and run with us will skyrocket as you make friends.

We see how much more our members achieve when running with others of similar ability. 

When and Where?

Tuesday Evening Intervals

Finding motivation for solo interval training can be tough but with a group it's ace!

Meet in Pittville for a 6:30pm / 6:40pm start, depending on group. 

Thursday Evening Group Run

A 35-45 minute group run around the streets and trails of Cheltenham. 

Meet in Prestbury for a 6:30pm / 6:40pm start, depending on group.

Tuesday Lunchtime Intervals

Meet in Prestbury for a 12:20pm start – finish soon after 1pm.

Thursday Lunchtime Intervals 

Meet in Pittville for a 12:20pm start – finish soon after 1pm.

Saturday Trail Runs

Embark on a delightful journey through the scenic trails of Cleeve Common. Whether you prefer a leisurely 5k, combining jogging and walking, or an invigorating 10k+ route with challenging inclines, our trail runs cater to diverse preferences and fitness levels. 

Sunday Long Runs

If you want to run further then the long run is the most important of your week. 

Pick one of our programmes to ensure progress is made regularly.

Meet in Pittville at 9am. 

No Runs are Compulsory

With access to all session details and mapped routes each week, you have the flexibility to skip or catch up on missed sessions. 

WhatsApp Groups

Our small, dedicated WhatsApp groups let you connect with the members you regularly run with.

Why join Cheltenham Running Club?

We're not a typical athletics club...

Many of our members started with Couch to 5k and have progressed to 10k and half marathons thanks to the structure and guidance we offer.

Our faster runners are very friendly and love supporting new runners, regardless of ability. 

Running Events with Friends

Make your next running event more social

Meeting up with friends before your next race is a great way to start an event. Our members frequently book a bunch of places in a local race and enjoy the experience together.

We do a group warm up and pre-race pics, get support from friends and family during the event then regroup with a coffee and a chat.

Social Events

As a member you'll be invited to our next social event.

Register your interest

Get in touch so we can invite you to come and trial our different sessions.